Open Letter to Chancellor Keon

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This note has already had thousands of views! I have chosen to move it on its own website as the previous company who hosted this earned ad revenue (albeit small) from this and I felt it was inappropriate given the nature of this writing. Several students have reached out to me with similar issues regarding the same professor.

Thank you, everyone, for your support as students with disabilities continue their journey at PNW. I have not heard anything yet from the university regarding this. I cannot recommend this university to students with disabilities.

While the professor admitted to much of the following, the university still chooses to do nothing.

"Open Letter to Chancellor Keon"

Chancellor Keon;

First and foremost, I want to introduce myself as a former chemistry major with a 3.61 GPA. I was in student government, the honors college, secretary of the robotics club, a founding member of the chemistry club, Vice President of the Delta Sigma Science Club, I organized an exposition on campus for young girls interested in science, and I was a research student having presented my research in Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, San Diego, and twice here on campus having placed second in last year’s research competition. In addition, I had the unfortunate circumstance of falling ill. I am writing today because a short while into last semester, I began chemotherapy treatments. My first round of chemotherapy was really rough on me. I had trouble completing two assignments and the professor allowed me extra time. However, he later notified me of a situation with a particular student who may leverage my situation to get himself extra time on assignments.
  • The professor identifying the student and telling me he had been a problem at the other campus was a violation of FERPA. The professor then revoked the extra time.
  • A different student in the class approached me and said that he was sorry about what I was dealing with. He'd heard from the professor. Another violation of FERPA.
Following major illness related to the chemo, I applied for disability services.
  • I turned in an exam one day later than other students despite this extra time being allowed on exams due to disability accommodations. The professor gave a penalty.
  • In addition, I was given a 50% penalty on one assignment and a 75% penalty on another. I received a 50% and 25% respectively.
  • However, a student, word-for-word, stole her answers from a solutions manual. The professor acknowledged this and told her no points would be deducted. He then told the student I'd made a complaint about her.
  • I emailed the professor repeatedly asking for assistance with the homework and he would not reply. I emailed him about being sick over the course of the take-home exam and he did not reply.
  • I emailed him about accommodations multiple times as did the disability access center, to no avail. I was told his main means of communication was in person and on Facebook.
  • Upon meeting with him, I was yelled at. At one instance, he sought me out in an office and yelled at me in front of another person.
  • I was penalized for homework for the professor having lost a portion in his email. Despite this being pointed out to him, my grade was not changed.
  • The professor regularly complained to me that information regarding the future of the chemistry program that I had shared with the Dean of Students had gotten him in trouble over the previous summer.
  • I was marked off for not converting radicals to decimals.
  • In addition, he assigned problems that required supplementary material (an index of values) students did not have access to. Despite using incorrect values to just show I could do the math, I was marked off for not using the correct values which were not accessible.
  • Toward the beginning of the semester, he assigned problems he did not intend for us to do, we completed them, but points were not given out. However, I did very well on all material following the initial two despite these issues with grading. This and the above two are minor (relative to the remaining) but serve to indicate that accommodations were not denied in favor of academic rigor.
  • In the class, the professor stated, “If you do not understand the material, get out of the class.”
  • The professor removed two assignments from the syllabus at the end of the course and an exam because we “ran out of time.” However, we did not run out of time, we still covered the entirety of the book.
  • He made vague attacks on Facebook to the extent that other students have contacted me asking me if it's me that he's upset with. (I'm not his Facebook friend.)
  • The professor assigned me both a grade that I feel is incredibly unfair but was also not contained within his syllabus. A student should not be punished for a professor's disregard for policy and for his own syllabus. If a student is required to follow a syllabus, so should a professor.
When I filed a grade appeal, I was told to meet with either he or the department chair to rectify this. I met with the department chair who stated he felt the situation was unfortunate but had been unable to reason with the professor. In addition, the chair stated that the professor is known for having a communication problem as the professor had missed meetings due to not answering/reading emails. He said I should instead try to reason with the professor myself. When meeting with the professor, the professor threatened to have my grade further reduced. (I was fortunate in being previously advised that Indiana is a single-party audio recording consent state and that I record these conversations, which I did.) Due to the threats from the professor paired with a request from the chair to not appeal, I withdrew my grade appeal.

I'm a senior and this dropped my GPA. I am very unhappy with the actions of the professor, the lack of safeguards in preventing this from happening, and the lack of action on the part of the Disability Access Center and Dean of Students. While the change in GPA is minor, the school allowed his behavior to go on unchecked.

As a direct result of the situation with this professor, I withdrew from chemotherapy and ultimately changed my major in order to no longer have dealings with this professor. Later, I just didn't feel comfortable on campus anymore and wanted to just be away, so I withdrew from my courses and applied to graduate in a different major. I graduated from the honors college.

I feel it would be easiest and best to deal with this within the university. Being ill, my time at PNW has not been particularly pleasant. I have often been required to divulge private information about my illness. Believe it or not, there was a time I loved this school. I won't stop sharing the word until Purdue Northwest does the right thing.